Viruses and Malware

Computer Virus Removal

​We undertake virus removal in and around Clapham SW4 on a daily basis. So, you can be sure you'll be getting the very best level of service when you call us about a viral or malware infection on your computer. With over 20 years' experience in the industry, we know the benefit of a quick response in this situation. We aim to get an engineer to you within an hour of your call and many of the computer repairs we do are COMPLETED on a 24 hour basis. With viruses or malware, fixing things can take minutes or hours, depending on the severity of the problem.

Your job from start to finish

  •  Call us and describe the problem

  •  We'll try to get an idea of your problem on phone

  •  We'll make an appointment (usually same day)

  •  Onsite repair if possible

  •  Or back to the workshop to save on costs

  •  Work carried out as speedily as possible

  •  The maximum price for this work is £75 plus VAT

  •  We respect your privacy and the importance of your data at all times

What is a virus?

How can you tell if you've been infected? First off there are different types of infection which can range in severity from rather minor, to severe. 'Viruses' in the true sense of the word will go out and look for all sorts of data to infect, so the longer you leave your computer running the worse the problem is likely to get. As you'll have seen in the news recently with the WanaCry and Petya, this is particularly important in RANSOMWARE situations - where your data is being encrypted very rapidly and it could be impossible to recover without paying a ransom. Our advice - switch off at once! More often than not, you will find that what you've been infected with is 'malware.' This is a type of infection which can bring everything to a standstill, but is much easier to resolve.


Sometimes there are no symptoms at all, and that can be quite worrying if your computer is being harvested for usernames, passwords, or indeed every keystroke you make and all you see is something that looks harmless ('trojan horse'). So the first sign may be a warning from your antivirus software. Don't ignore these messages! Some infections are very obvious. A very common one just pops up in front of you asking you to pay a fine for improper use of the Internet. It's a doddle for us to rid you of that type of infection.

Pricing from £54

If it takes us just an hour to fix your computer, then the price is £45 plus VAT. This includes free collect and return, or if the work is done onsite then you'll also benefit from NO callout charges. The maximum price for this kind of work is capped at £75 plus VAT. Now you know exactly where you stand when it comes to pricing.

State of the Art Workshop

There are some jobs that absolutely need to be carried out in the right environment where they can be repaired safely and with specialist software that's not suited to being used in your home or office. In the case of virus and malware removal, we can usually do this at your home or office, but in some cases it makes sense to take the hardware away to our workshop because this will save you money. Some jobs can be a little bit like watching paint dry. We prefer to save you money rather than sit around twiddling our fingers.


Viruses and malware - 2 examples