smartphone support

Your little computer

The trusty old Nokia we used to love so much has gone by the wayside and been replaced by machines that you could almost live your whole life on. With that comes an enormous array of tools that are all competing for our attention. At You Me & IT we help get them all working. We can help with email setup, backing up, sofware upgrades, data management, even data recovery. By the way, we also do screen repair!


Full support on offer

We are very happy to offer a fairly comprehensive service when it comes to mobile phones. Starting with advice on which network to select, what data package to go for, what phone to choose (and if you can get it cheaper elsewhere), through to unboxing it and setting it all up for you.


Email & Calendar

Let's get your phone working in tandem with everything else. Help you with sharing important events with others. Let's synchronise your pictures with your computer and help you clear out the rubbish that has accumulated. We will help you establish a sensible backup plan once you've got it all working the way you want it.