Virus and Malware Removal

We remove viruses and malware from infected laptops and desktop computers every day. Guaranteed price of £75 plus VAT for these repairs in our workshop.

Computer Speedup

Computer speedup. Is your computer running at a snail's pace? Crashing or freezing? We'll get it back up to speed.

Broadband and Router Setup

broadband router setup Is your broadband down yet again?! We can supply and setup a new router. Does your Wi-Fi not give full coverage?

Mobile phone IT support

Need to set up email on a new device? Or forgotten your password? Or if you don't seem to be receiving mail, or can't send it.

Computer Security

Computer security. Do you have a firewall configured correctly, up to date antivirus software? Do you worry that someone may be accessing your data?

Multi-Room Music Setups

Looking for a great multi room music setup? We can supply and install the latest Sonos equipment throughout your house

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Operating System Problems

We fix all kinds of software problems. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), perpetual restarts, failed updates, installation issues, driver errors, login failure, stuck cursor etc.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from broken, formatted, deleted or corrupt hard disks. Whether they be in laptops, desktops or USB drives

Laptop Screen Repair

We carry out laptop screen repairs and screen replacements day in day out. Don't settle for anything but the best!

Laptop Keyboard Repair

We fix laptop keyboards. It's a very common problem for laptops to have missing or dead keys, but easily fixed with a keyboard replacement

Computer Component Upgrades

Computer upgrades We can add memory, supply and fit a new CPU or motherboard. No need to buy a new computer!

Laptop Power Socket Repair

Is there a bad connection on your laptop's DC power jack? Usually you'll notice that there's a lot of movement at the socket.

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