Laptop Screen repair

Is your screen broken?

​What does a broken screen look like? Sometimes it's pretty obvious your screen is broken (especially if it was preceded by an audible bashing noise!) You can see lines down the image, a badly disrupted image on the screen, or sometimes it will look as if there's been a sort of ink explosion or smudge. You may be able to feel cracks in the surface of the screen, or see the image come and go if you gently touch the screen in the area of damage.


Cost Price Screen!

Give us a call and tell us the make and model of laptop you have. We'll look up the part and confirm availability and the price for the repair whilst you are on the phone. GREAT NEWS: We will give you your replacement screen at COST PRICE. That means you'll get a really good value repair from us because all you pay for is the labour and a really low price for your screen. The repair price starts at around £77 and is typically in the region of £89 including VAT.

How long does it take?

Once you've confirmed the model of laptop and we've been able to ascertain the exact screen that you have we can order in your replacement part. Usually it takes 48 hours for the new screen to arrive. As soon as it's in our hands we will then get to work on removing your old screen and fitting the new one. Once fitted, the screen needs to be tested to confirm that all is working as it should and then you can come come over from Battersea to collect the repaired laptop. So that's usually within 48 to 72 hours of your first call to us. Occasionally there are situations where we can replace your screen immediately after you've brought the laptop over to us (where we already have the type of screen that fits your laptop in stock). All replacement screens come with a 12 month warranty.