Emergency Call/callout

Immediate Help Available

​Everybody knows the situation where you feel as if the whole world is collapsing around you due to some unforeseen IT disaster. Or even worse, you foresaw it happening but did nothing about it until NOW! Pick up the phone and call us now on 0208 673 5340. We'll do our best to give you immediate help and advice. (Usual charge unless otherwise stated of £25 plus VAT per half hour). We can do that over the phone sometimes, or by establishing a remote desktop connection. Quite a lot can be achieved by phone and remote desktop, but of course we can book in an onsite IT support visit or arrange an appointment at the WORKSHOP if it makes more sense to do things with the problem directly to hand. Please note: there may be an enhanced fee payable for immediate "drop everything and help me now" services.

Remote Desktop Connection

We will direct you to this web page over the telephone to initiate a remote desktop connection in urgent (or non-urgent) situations. First of all, select the appropriate download from the 2 available below to match your operating system. Once you've downloaded the software we'll then ask you to provide a user ID and a password. Then we'll be able to connect up and get to work.


Or Apple

What You'll See

You'll click on the appropriate download (Mac or PC) and save it to your downloads folder, or other location of your choice. Here's some visual help to show what you'll see on your PC:

Once downloaded, just navigate to the download either by clicking on the download from within your web browser or by going to the downloads folder on your hard drive. Now click on the download to run it.

If you get a firewall or antivirus message asking if it's OK to run this program you'll be answering positively to that!


A box like the one below will pop up showing a 9 digit number in bunches of 3. Just read that out to us and then please supply the password when asked. Once we've entered these details our end we'll get connected up to your computer and start the support session.


You Me and IT Teamviewer
You Me and IT Teamviewer