email setup & support

Send/receive problems

​Most of these issues are down to incorrect incoming or outgoing mail server settings, the wrong username or password, or misconfiguration of email authentication or ports. Don't waste time talking to someone the other side of the world. Call us in!


New setups

We can help setup your new computer or new phone. Set up your phone or iPad on the wireless network. We'll transfer all your emails to the new device. We can arrange for a new email hosting package for you and set it up wherever you need it.

Spam blocking

We all get the odd email trying to flog things, but sometimes it can get incredibly irrititating and intrusive. Let's get it set up so that these unwanted emails are stopped, at source or at your computer.


Virus protection

As with all your activities when you have an Internet connection, it's really important to have good antivirus protection when picking up emails. A considerable number of viruses come in attachments to emails, and its easy to get duped into opening them up. If you do fall foul of this, we can help after the event. But it's great to get to you before this and make your life easier!

Whatever you need doing in Clapham, we're just around the corner!