data recovery

Damaged hard drive?

We undertake data recovery in and around Clapham SW4. You can be sure you'll be getting the very best level of service when you call us for help. We've over 20 years' experience in the industry and we undertake this kind of work regularly. You'll benefit from a very quick response when you call us with a data problem. You never know, we may even be able to get your data recovered and back in your hands within a few hours. It depends on what's caused the data loss. The recovery process can also be like watching paint dry.


Your job from start to finish

  • Call us and describe what's happened

  • We'll try to work out the nature of your data problem on phone

  • We'll make an appointment straight away

  • We'll try to give you a sensible indication of the likely cost ASAP

  • Onsite repair if possible

  • Usually we need to do this in our top-notch workshop

  • Work carried out as speedily as possible

  • We always respect your privacy and the huge importance of your data

Getting to the diagnosis

We'll ask you a few questions on the telephone and try to get an idea of the exact problem that you need resolving. Maybe your drive is making a strange clicking noise, or you just get a black screen when you switch on and a message saying that no hard drive is detected? If we can reach a tentative or firm conclusion based upon what you tell us, we'll advise on the best course of action. Data recovery encompasses many different issues, some of which are simple to resolve. If you deleted data accidentally, formatted your hard drive or USB memory stick, we can often find a quick and effective solution. Sometimes the surface of the hard drive, or the PCB (printed circuit board) may be damaged. This is often a fixable problem, but it may take a litle more time to determine the extent of the problem and fix it.

Types of repair

Some data recovery is done entirely by using specialist data recovery software. Other jobs involve soldering components, or replacing parts, even replacing entire circuit boards. Some data recovery will restore all of your data, whilst other repairs can get you back most of your data.

Pricing from £54

We'll always try to give you as accurate a picture of the price for your data recovery as we can. Pricing varies between the price for 1 hour's labour in the workshop, which is just £45 plus VAT, to several hours' work. Some data recovery can be an expensive business and we'll always try to guage how much the data is worth to you before recommending a way forward.

State of the Art Workshop

There are some jobs that absolutely need to be carried out in the right environment where repairs can be done safely and with specialist equipment that's not suited to being used in your home or office. We have state of the art equipment in a purpose built workshop in which we carry out such PC and Mac repairs. We also have an arsenal of tools that our onsite engineers carry around for jobs which are done in your home or office.