Troubleshoot And service

BSOD/system panic

​There are lots of reasons why you might find yourself at the point where your operating system needs to be seen by an expert, not least because you've spent hours trying to figure it out yourself and now things have taken a nose dive. Perhaps you started seeing the Blue Screen Of Death and had no idea why it had cropped up, but you had no time to try to sort it out and now its got to the point where your computer won't even boot up. Come on, give us a call.

Virus or Malware "remnants"

Sometimes you'll have had a virus or some kind of malware you managed to get rid of but ever since then it just hasn't been the same? Let us repair your operating system and get things back to how they were.

MOT failure > MOT pass

Over time there will have been a million and one software events on your computer that in time have turned what was once a nice and quick computer into a beast. It's almost impossible to put a finger on what happened or when it happened and in fact it only wastes even more time trying to answer such questions. When you're in the business of fixing things fast you just don't have time to get too philosophical. We know that after a certain amount of time has been expended, if we haven't found the cause of the fault, it's time to do a clean install of your operating system. Even though it's quite a drawn out process, there's nothing better than getting a client's computer back to working at the pace it was at when they bought it, or close to that anyway. We do re-installs all the time and have it down to a fine art.

Device drivers

The wrong drivers or missing drivers will affect your computer's performance, sometimes causing complete crashes. Crashes can cause data corruption. Be careful not to install software that claims to scan your computer for missing or out of date drivers. They often smuggle in other software that can cause all sorts of problems.

Corrupt data

Data corruption occurs when there's been an interruption to the data writing process, or when an area of your hard drive becomes defective. Improper shutdowns caused by power cuts or hung applications disrupting the shutdown process may be the cause. Do you have a backup drive? It's in situations like this that a good backup routine can come to the rescue.

Dead PSU

Of course one reason why your computer may be failing to start up would be if your power supply is dead. It doesn't take long to diagnose a dead PSU and we always stock high quality replacements. We could get you up and running within one hour of your call to us!





Dust nightmare

Just like a vacuum cleaner. The constant rotation of fans on your CPU, graphics card, case fans, power supply fans etc. These fans are not just moving air around but dust too and it will get trapped in the nooks and crannies of your computer eventually leading to overheating and component failure. The amount of dust buildup can be pretty surprising. We recommend an annual service because the cost of repairs that can become necessary due to overheating (dead hard drives, power supplies, CPU's, graphics cards) and immeasurable cost of lost data etc. far ourweigh the £54 it will cost to have the service done.