broadband & Wi-Fi

Broadband help

The dreaded loss of your broadband connection or inability to connect your own computer to the Internet! This could be down to a number of reasons. It could be that your ISP has cut you off (it happens even if you've paid your bill sometimes!) It may be a problem at the telephone exchange, or in a box in the street somewhere. More often than not, it's an internal problem. It could be your wiring, or a filter that isn't working properly. Sometimes ADSL routers just stop working and the only thing to do is replace them.

Router supply and install

We provide help in all areas, from talking to your Internet Service Provider on your behalf, down to setting up new equipment in your house or office. You could be up and running again in less than an hour. We'll also look at the quality of your broadband signal and may make some recommendatons to you about getting the most from what services are on offer in your area. Sometimes this can lead to cost savings of £100's and even rebates of payments for services you've been diddled for. We'll definitely have a look at getting you the best speed we can, and also look at getting a good wireless signal.


Wi-Fi not reaching

Sometimes there just isn't going to be a strong wireless signal in every room you want Wi-Fi in due to the nature of wireless signals and wireless equipment. We can advise you, conduct a proper W-Fi survey of your home or office, and supply equipment to get Wi-Fi to every room.


Computer related network faults

Some problems aren't to do with your router or ISP at all. There are many issues that crop up which are related entirely to your own computer. We'll help to resolve them as fast as possible so that you can get on with your work.