Laptop Keyboard repair

Did you have a fluid spill?

If you did the we must give you some advice straight away. If the spillage is an old one then you can most probably ignore this advice, but if not then please read this paragraph and take the recommended action before calling us. Fluid spills can cause harm to far more than your laptop's keyboard and our advice is to immediately remove the power cable from the DC jack in your laptop and also to remove the battery (usually on the underside) of your laptop. That's to limit the damage to electronic components that has not already taken place. Now place the laptop in a towel and turn it around so that the point of fluid entry is facing down to the ground. OK, now you can call us.

Your job from start to finish

  •  Call us and describe the keyboard problem

  •  We'll usually advise that the entire keyboard needs replacing

  •  We'll make an appointment for you to bring your laptop in

  •  We'll order a replacement keyboard

  •  In about 2 days the keyboard will arrive and be fitted

  •  Sometimes we'll do an on the spot repair instead.

  •  The maximum price for this work is £45 plus VAT

  •  The keyboard itself usually costs between £20-£30

  •  You'll come and collect your laptop

Sometimes keys are fixed

If your keyboard problem is mechanical instead of electronic then we may be able to repair the key by re-fitting it. But usually it's better to just fit a whole new keyboard because they are often pretty cheap.