Laptop DC Jack Repair


​If the laptop is not charging or intermittently charges it could be that your DC jack - the socket that your power supply plugs into on the side of your laptop - may be broken. More often than not you'll find that this connection is loose and moves around a lot when in the socket. Sometimes you can see that the socket has lost its shape and bits will appear to be missing if you compare it to how it used to look. Quite often this socket damage will have occurred because it was left with the power plugged into it and the plug got a thump or had lateral pressure applied to it.



​How it's fixed

You can see what a jack usually looks like in the picture above. In some cases the jack is connected by a cable to a connector on the motherboard, but more often than not it's soldered to the motherboard. If your DC jack needs replacing then the laptop has to be taken apart and the broken jack is replaced. This usually requires some fairly painstaking desoldering of the old jack to get it off the motherboard and then the new jack is soldered in its place.


The price for repair depends on the amount of time it takes to do the work! Sounds obvious really doesn't it? Except that we guarantee that the labour charge will not exceed £108. The minimum labour charge is £54. So the total cost will be the labour charge and the cost of the replacement part. Sometimes it costs as little as £5 for the jack.

State of the Art Workshop

There are some jobs that absolutely need to be carried out in the right environment where they can be repaired safely and with specialist software that's not suited to being used in your home or office. When it comes to jack repair we have to do this in our workshop for 2 reasons. It's not safe to do this work with untrained people in harms way, amd specialist equipment is used to do this repair which can't be lugged about the place.

Turnaround time

It usually takes 2-3 days to get this job completed from the moment you place your order and bring your laptop over from Balham to the time it's back in your hands.